Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Easter

I don't know how to load these photos in order anymore! Every time I think I have it figured out, it doesn't work!
Anyway, Here is the "BaBa" egg that Sarah made for her BaBa! She wrote with a white crayon, so to her credit, she couldn't really see what she was doing.

After church on Easter, we had an egg hunt for Sarah in the yard. Troy hid them, and we hunted. She LOVED it!

Showing off some of her treasures...
There's one!

Opening some of the "loot" that Lao Lao and Lao Ye sent for Easter presents!
She's a little excited!
Thank you, Lao Ye!

This is our precious girl dancing at church during worship. Although her sunday school class starts when our service starts, sometimes, Sarah likes to come in with us and dance to the music. I usually leave the choice up to her. Most of the time she dances a's so cute to watch.
Posing in her pretty dress

Here we have the beloved, Waldo (top left), along with Magenta and in the front the new Blue and Periwinkle (both of which were Easter presents from Poppa). Sarah took this photo herself and just HAD to allow Blue to hold an egg.
Hugging her new Blue!

Periwinkle getting hugs, too!
Her box of goodies from Poppa!
"Okay, Can I have my presents yet?"

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