Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Baby Started Preschool!

Well, today was the day! My Baby started Preschool today. *sniff sniff* She's so big now. It was just the other day when we met her in China! I can't believe she'll turn 4 this month and that she's old enough to survive away from me for 3 days a week/2.5 hours each day. My Baby's growing up!!! Yes, I had a moment this morning. I was driving to the Preschool to meet Troy and Sarah there (after I got off work) so I could see her "off" to school, and I lost it! I'm a cryer anyways, but the tears were definitely flowing. I decided to get them out of my system before I got there, so I'd put on a happy face for my girl. She was so excited, it was adorable. Here are a couple of shots I took just before we went into the building.

In this one, I told her to smile-looks like a grimace, doesn't it?
In this one I told her to say, "I'm going to Preschool!" You can tell how earnestly excited and happy she was about it.
This is after we picked her up, something happened to the photo?? She's riding the horse she made in class, she had a blast today...only had to sit at the "quiet table" once??!! I guess she misbehaved once. They said that she's really smart. I told them the main reason I put her in preschool was for the socialization, because academically she was doing great with me at home. The one woman made a comment that she could tell Sarah was an only child, but she said it in a nice way...if that's possible? Still, she had fun and can't wait to go back tomorrow. *sigh*

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I'm glad I wasn't there or I'd have been bawling too.