Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chinese Class Zoo Trip

I don't know if I ever mentioned that we found about a Chinese class for toddlers and this summer Sarah took her first Chinese class. What was nice was the I went to it, too. That way, I was able to reinforce what she learned and we both learned some Chinese. For the last class we went to the zoo and had lots of fun!
Here is Sarah and one of her classmates playing and having fun!

They were playing Ring around the Rosies, so cute.

"And, we all fall down!"

Sarah got ride our new Carousel. It was so beautiful, with the most interesting animals to ride and they were all hand painted. Sarah rode the baby giraffe and loved it!


MomOfOneMore said...

I got all caught up on your blog today. What a cutie she is...and how she has grown!
Miranda Joy's mom

Anonymous said...

Oh boy--going fast in a circle and falling down--two of Sarah's favorite activities!!
Sarah's LaoLao
Pat from OH

Susie said...


So sorry I haven't posted here in so long. Life kinda speeds by so fast. It's amazing to me how much prettier Sarah gets as time goes by. I hope all is going good for your family. I'm going to add your blog to my favorite blogs. I think I have finally changed the look of my blog enough times that I won't change again. I just wasn't happy with it for a long time. Take care!!